Your Curious Advantage

Global crisis


STRESS is the world's #1 killer and cause of over 60% of ALL illness and disease worldwide (Statistics prior to Covid). Stress is currently spiralling negatively and disproportionately despite modern innovative treatments and modalities. WHY?

Stress is just one outcome of unregulated FEAR. Add to this depression, anxiety, dependence, avoidance, self-harm, overwhelm, burnout, limiting beliefs and so forth all contribute to the complex conundrum known as the Human Condition.

The root cause of this Human Condition...


The Mind Battle Equation:

Hardwired fears (inherited emotions + conditioning)

= Past experiences
= Automatic perception
+/= Biases
+/= Insufficient self-assessment

+/= Ineffectual coping mechanisms.

= Dysfunctional thinking, feeling and reacting.

= Poor Life outcomes - physical, mental, emotional, professional. 

Add to this:
+ Modern automatic lifestyle which reduces our coping mechanisms.

+ Social media that takes advantage of our brain's rewards system

= A perfect storm.

You were born curious...

But over time your natural curiosity diminishes, which also diminishes creativity. Because (more often than not) self-editing subconscious thoughts reign supreme and unregulated.

According to many academics, including Pulitzer prize-winner Thomas Friedman, a Curious attitude (CQ) is proving more important than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EI (Emotional Intelligence). Why? Because it’s the catalyst for both.

Below highlights self-focused curiosity is not only the means to total betterment, but science suggests (based on Melinda's research connecting various scientific publications) could be the missing link that could significantly improve this Human Condition.


And she has first-hand experience...

Answers always begin with a question...

Through a catalogue of adverse health and professional issues, Melinda asked herself one invaluable question:


'How can I improve this situation?'


This changed everything and lead her down a path of self-discovery & extraordinary transformation. In doing so, she not only overcame every negative issue that had plagued most of her life, but enabled her to biohack her mind, body and spirit into total self-mastery.

In less than 3 years she overcame:


1.   Non-existent mental and emotional resilience - Resultant from mental breakdown

2.   Over a decade of depression

3.   Anxiety & panic disorder (anxiety on steroids)

4.   Dependence - Alcohol and sugar

5.   Continual physical illness

6.   Weight issues

7.   Brain fog

8.   Tamed her wild monkey mind

9.   Survived cervical cancer and then

10. Survived ensuing acute forced menopause

11. Snapped Achilles Tendon

12. Dropped 5 dress sizes without dieting

13. Ended a 30 year relationship

14. Even mastered a lifetime of severe dyslexia - enough to write 3 books

To name a few! 

Melinda has since spent over 6 years researching Positive Psychology for happiness to realise Curiosity answered everything....

62 benefits of curiosity:

1.   A total Intervention - Disrupts automatic responses.

2.   Critical for Survival.

3.   An instinctive and unlimited resource that is always available whenever you need it - unlike happiness which is contingent upon circumstances.

4.   Conscious Awareness - your vital point of power.

5.   Navigates - Changes your state of being from victimhood into a challenge (empowerment).

6.   Emotional Intelligence - Self-assessment / self-regulation / management.

7.   Bypasses FEAR, be it negative self-talk or limiting beliefs with ease - by diverting the brain into improvement.

8.   Measurement - for better perspective by informed logic.

9.   Reduces biased decision-making.

10. Coping mechanisms for more advantageous critical thinking - engages the Neocortex
11. Flips your position from reaction (which can often be adverse) to response for better outcomes.

12. Control - One of the key components to managing stress.

13. Improves and strengthens wellbeing and health - neurological and physiological health.

Better Coping mechanisms not only help deal with life circumstances but, to advantage. And as you will realise in the next list, curiosity is the only difference between barely surviving life and absolutely thriving!

14. Action - The 'how' that bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

15. Key to problem-solving.

16. Directional - drives and motivates.

17. Unlocks creativity.

18. Imagination

19. Innovation

20. Exploration and Discovery.

21. Investigation and Research - It is the bedrock of science.
22. Accuracy & Efficiency = Competence.
23. Adaptation - essential for modern life.

24. Improvement and Development.

25. Resourcefulness - this cannot be underestimated.

26. Experiential

27. Tactical prevention = quality and longevity of life.

28. Endurance - to sustain more difficult challenges.
29. Mindfulness without the frustration of learning how to be mindful.

30. Unlocks Flow.
31. Thrill and pleasure-seeking - it
 can be quite an aphrodisiac.


Curiosity is also the catalyst for:
32. Unlimited possibilities - when your perspective is unbiased.
33. Success
34. Luck
35. Intuition
36. Wonderment and fascination.
37. Fun and feels good.

38. Courage
39. More positive outcomes = prosperity.
40. Learning
41. Greater Intelligence.

42. Memory Retention.
43. Appreciation - the power of Gratitude.
44. Understanding
45. Tolerance
46. Integration 
47. Uniqueness & individuality building.

48. Better Leadership qualities.
49. Aspiration - potential depends on curiosity.
50. Scrutinizes the norm for betterment.

51. Emotional Resilience - it bridges the gap between what you feel, think and do.
52. Better engagement and connection through interest
Greater c
53. Builds Trust easily - for more authentic relationships.
54. Social Connectivity.

55. Creates Happiness.
56. Weight control
Positive Manifestation - Projection of positive reality.
58. Sense of meaning - which the brain loves.
59. Life's Purpose - Remember Simon Sinek's book,
'Start with Why!"

60. Incredibly transformative - for up-leveling performance in every area of life.
61. Harmony and peace of mind.
62. Ultimately to achieve freedom.


best gain least effort.jpg



Curiosity places you in what Quantum Mechanics terms - Superposition: Where all possibilities reside.


AND makes up the main principles and is the basis of Stoicism - Informed logic for your highest good.



Case Study: Stephen Hawkings

One of the world's greatest thinkers.

How did Steven Hawkings defy undeniable odds of survival of such a debilitating disease (that usually kills within 14 months of diagnosis) to not only survive another 55 years but made significant contributions in understanding the universe? Melinda believes it was his passionate curiosity that diverted his attention away from the worry of his physical self.


Hawkings became more than just his body!

Science has based research on what is wrong with little research for what is right. This is beginning to change. On this basis, just consider the one commonality between every luminaire in history to date, from Plato, to Aristotle, Galileo, Beethoven, Planck, Tesla, Curie, Earhart, Einstein, Branson, Oprah, Jobs, Gates and Musk and anyone who has ever made great contributions to advancement has done so through curiosity.

And if you are currently asking yourself how, then you're already doing it.  It's so profoundly simple, it's quite humbling and astonishing both!

Mission & Vision

Melinda is on an unstoppable mission to not only ignite humanity's curiosity through her CuriousYou App, but to make Curiosity the next 'Thought Movement' and a Positive Psychology Science in its own right.