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Your greatest superpower & advantage

New science shows Dopamine (the brain chemical associated with rewards) is produced through the DESIRE for potential rewards, which proves the value of curiosity.

This next video is a sample introduction video from the CuriousYou App:

What's included in CuriousYou?
  • Melinda's unique C.U.R.I.O.U.S. Success Accelerator system

  • Understanding how you and energy work.

  • Basic positive psychology based around the fear response.

  • Lessons are delivered in video format, usually only require 10 minutes a day and build upon themselves, from the most foundational level.

  • Daily tasks hammer in learning to rewire your brain and body.

  • Daily Inspirational messages to keep users motivated & on track.

  • Unique Manifestation techniques that actually work.

  • Specifically designed and targeted Mediations and Walking Incantation audios for self-love, health, success/abundance, relationships and manifestation (thoughts create reality).

  • Exercise and recipe suggestions for healthy living.

  • Live discussions with Melinda and guests.

The Mind Battle Equation:

Hardwired fears (emotions + conditioning)
= Past experiences
= Messy emotions, memories and ego
= Automatic perception
=/+ Biases
=/+ Ineffectual coping mechanisms (assumptive thinking processes)
+ Insufficient self-assessment
= Dysfunctional thinking, feeling and reacting.
= Poor Life outcomes; physical, mental, emotional, professional. 
Add to this disastrous equation:
+ Modern automatic lifestyle further reduces coping mechanisms.
+ Social media that takes advantage of our brain's rewards system.

= A perfect storm.

You were born curious...
But over time your natural curiosity diminishes, which also diminishes creativity. Because (more often than not) self-editing subconscious thoughts reign supreme and unregulated.

According to many academics, including Pulitzer prize-winner Thomas Friedman, a Curious attitude (CQ) is proving more important than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EI (Emotional Intelligence). Why? Because it’s the catalyst for both.

Below highlights, self-focused curiosity is not only the means to total betterment, but science suggests could be the missing link that could significantly improve this Human Condition.
And Melinda has first-hand experience...

Answers always begin with a question...

During a perfect storm, resultant from over a decade of self-abuse that lead to a catalogue of adverse health and professional issues, Melinda asked herself one invaluable question:

'How can I improve this situation?'

This changed everything and directed her onto a path of self-discovery & extraordinary transformation. In doing so, she not only overcame every negative issue that had plagued most of her life, but enabled her to biohack her mind, body and spirit into total self-mastery.


Disruption needs to start here!

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66 Benefits of Curiosity

1.   A total Intervention - Disrupts automatic responses.

2.   Critical for Survival.

3.   An instinctive and unlimited resource that is always available whenever you need it - unlike happiness which is contingent upon circumstances.

4.   Conscious Awareness - your vital point of power.

5.   Navigates - Changes your state of being from victimhood into a challenge (empowerment).

6.   Emotional Intelligence - Self-assessment / self-regulation / management.

7.   Bypasses FEAR, be it negative self-talk or limiting beliefs with ease - by diverting the brain into improvement.

8.   Measurement - for better perspective by informed logic.

9.   Reduces biased decision-making.

10. Coping mechanisms for more advantageous critical thinking - engages the Neocortex
11. Perspective - Flips your position from reaction (which can often be adverse) to response for better outcomes.

12. Control - One of the key components to managing stress.

13. Improves and strengthens wellbeing and health - neurological and physiological health.

Better Coping mechanisms not only help deal with life circumstances but, to advantage. And as you will realise in the next list, curiosity is the only difference between barely surviving life and absolutely thriving!

14. Action - The 'how' that bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

15. Key to problem-solving.

16. Drives and motivates.

17. Unlocks creativity.

18. Imagination

19. Innovation

20. Exploration and Discovery.

21. Investigation and Research - It is the bedrock of science.
22. Accuracy & Efficiency = Competence.
23. Adaptation - essential for modern life.

24. Improvement and Development.

25. Resourcefulness - this cannot be underestimated.

26. Experimentation

27. Tactical prevention for better health = quality and longevity of life.

28. Endurance - to sustain more difficult challenges.
29. Mindfulness without the frustration of learning how to be mindful.

30. Unlocks Flow.
31. Thrill and pleasure-seeking - it can be quite an aphrodisiac.


Curiosity is also the catalyst for:
32. Unlimited possibilities - when your perspective is unbiased.
33. Success
34. Luck
35. Intuition
36. Wonderment and fascination.
37. Fun and feels good.
38. Courage and confidence
39. More positive outcomes = prosperity.
40. Learning
41. Greater Intelligence.
42. Memory Retention.
43. Appreciation - the power of Gratitude.
44. Understanding
45. Tolerance and empathy
46. Integration 
47. Uniqueness & individuality.
48. Openness and flexibility to change your mind. To
reassess new ideas, even though it proves you were wrong. "Ask yourself, when was the last time you changed your opinion?"
49. Aspiration - potential depends on curiosity.
50. Scrutinizes the norm for betterment.
51. Emotional Resilience - it bridges the gap between what you feel, think and do.
52. Better engagement through interest = less mistakes
53. From Passive listening to active listening.
54. Builds Trust easily - for more authentic relationships.
55. Greater communication.

56. Better Leadership & management qualities

57. Social Connectivity - curiosity ignites captivating conversations that makes you interesting.
58. The best sales tool - creates intrigue and a desire to want more through the Zeignark
59. Health/Weight control
60. Positive Manifestation - Projection of positive reality.
61. Sense of meaning - which the brain loves.
62. Life's Purpose - Remember Simon Sinek's book, "Start with Why!"
63. Creates Happiness.

64. Harmony and peace of mind, ultimately to achieve freedom.

65. Incredibly transformative - for up-leveling performance in every area of life.

66. Readiness to accept challenges and transform them into opportunities = mental agility for critical thinking at its best.

67. Self-Actualisation - the realization of your own power = fulfilment and self-satisfaction.

68. More fulling love life.



Curiosity places you in what Quantum Mechanics terms Superposition ~

Where all possibilities reside.


AND makes up the main principles and is the basis of Stoicism - Informed logic for your highest good.


Case Study: Stephen Hawkings


One of the world's greatest thinkers.

How did Steven Hawkings defy undeniable odds of survival of such a debilitating disease (that usually kills within 14 months of diagnosis) to not only survive another 55 years but made significant contributions in understanding the universe? Melinda believes it was his passionate curiosity that diverted his attention away from the worry of his physical self.


Hawkings became more than just his body!

People who have attributed curiosity as the SECRET to their success:

Sir Richard Brandson

Gary Vaynerchuk

Brené Brown


Walt Disney

Jack Dorsey - Twitter Co-founder

Steve Jobs

Bill Gates

Tim Cook - Current Apple CEO

Larry Page - Co-founder Google

Ray Dalio - Investor

Rupert Murdoch

Julius Caesar




Gautam Buddha

William Shakespeare

Abraham Lincoln 

Thomas Edison

Isaac Newton

Leonardo Di Vinci

Marie Curie

Amelia Earhart

Stephen Hawkings

Richard Feynman - Physicist

Sir Ken Robinson ~"Curiosity is the engine of achievement.”

Jeff Bezos observed ~ "The smartest people have a willingness to reassess themselves and be wrong" - paraphrased! says ~ "The Smartest people today display this trait" meaning curiosity.

Curiosity is a quality anyone can activate at any time - Inquisitiveness leads to greater knowledge acquisition.

Curiosity should no longer be a secret!!!

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