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Thanks for your curiosity in my work. So glad you're here!

In addition to teaching, researching and writing, I love spreading the majesty of curiosity all over the world.

Connecting with people and serving your needs is my greatest passion and privilege. I'm also curious about the many ways of engagement, and I'm very flexible in my approach.
A video sample of how I present is below.

If you're interested to ignite your Curious Advantage,
to have me speak on your platform or in your business,
drop me a message:

Ripple Fest 2022

Melinda's Bio

Amidst receiving a diagnosis of cancer and the ensuing fallout that amounted to a divine storm, Melinda realised something quite profound...

Happiness is contingent upon circumstance. Whereas, curiosity is not!

Curiosity enabled Melinda to biohack her mind, body and spirit. In doing so, she dropped 5 dress sizes, overcame a lifetime of limiting beliefs, depression, panic disorder, dependence, illness, dyslexia whilst finding purpose, happiness, peace of mind and ultimately capitalised on her true and unlimited potentiality.

Along the way, she also identified 66 (it's constantly increasing) benefits for curiosity.

Her mission is to ignite humanity’s greatest superpower through her CuriousYou App and to make it as appreciated as Mindfulness.

Speaking reels

DisruptHR Cardiff, March 2022

Women's International Day, Find your Why, Manchester March 2022

Your Curious Advantage

Case Study:

Stephen Hawkings


One of the world's greatest thinkers.

How did Steven Hawkings defy undeniable odds of survival of such a debilitating disease (that usually kills within 14 months of diagnosis) to not only survive another 55 years but made significant contributions in understanding the universe? Melinda believes it was his passionate curiosity that diverted his attention away from the worry of his physical self.


Hawkings became more than just his body!

Science has based research on what is wrong with little research for what is right. This is beginning to change. On this basis, just consider the one commonality between every luminaire in history to date, from Plato, to Aristotle, Galileo, Beethoven, Planck, Tesla, Curie, Earhart, Einstein, Branson, Oprah, Jobs, Gates and Musk and anyone who has ever made great contributions to advancement has done so through curiosity.

And if you are currently asking yourself how, then you're already doing it.  It's so profoundly simple, it's quite humbling and astonishing both!

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Curiosity places you in what Quantum Mechanics terms - Superposition: Where ALL possibilities reside.


AND makes up the main principles and is the basis of Stoicism - Informed logic for your highest good.

Game Changers Summit 2022

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