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Imagine starting every day with an inner knowing you are making a tangible difference in peoples lives
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New science shows Dopamine

(the brain chemical associated with rewards) is produced through the DESIRE for potential rewards, proving the value of curiosity.

The Mind Battle Equation:

Hardwired fears (emotions + conditioning)
= Past experiences
= Messy emotions, memories and ego
= Automatic perception
=/+ Biases
=/+ Ineffectual coping mechanisms (assumptive thinking processes)
+ Insufficient self-assessment
= Dysfunctional thinking, feeling and reacting.
= Poor Life outcomes; physical, mental, emotional, professional. 
Add to this disastrous equation:
+ Modern automatic lifestyle further reduces coping mechanisms.
+ Social media that takes advantage of our brain's rewards system.

= A perfect storm.

You were born curious...
But over time your natural curiosity diminishes, which also diminishes creativity. Because (more often than not) self-editing subconscious thoughts reign supreme and unregulated.

According to many academics, including Pulitzer prize-winner Thomas Friedman, a Curious attitude (CQ) is proving more important than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EI (Emotional Intelligence) combined. Why? Because it’s the catalyst for both and so much more!

Self-focused curiosity is not only the means to total betterment and self-actualisation, but science suggests could be the missing link to significantly improve this Human Condition that also considerably impacts stress and health.

Disruption starts here!

Curiosity is the world's best kept secret
Discover all 70 benefits of curiosity that significantly eclipses any other practice, technique or mindset combined!
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